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Sustainable Infrastructure

Evan Bowles, PE, ENV SP

Sustainable infrastructure principles ensure your facility is resilient, environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient, and safe. Capitalizing on sustainable design opportunities, especially with financial incentives to subsidize their implementation, provides a mutual benefit to the environment and your utility’s bottom line.

Innovative Frameworks for Better Water Outcomes

Hazen uses a variety of sustainable design and benchmarking tools such as LEED, the Envision Sustainable Infrastructure Rating System, and life-cycle assessment (LCA). We are an industry leader in the application of Envision for water infrastructure, having applied it to over $6B in capital improvement projects, and we pioneered the application of LCA to our industry.

Hazen proactively leverages sustainability frameworks through the project lifecycle to cost-effectively incorporate sustainability principles into practice and align utility efforts with overall community benefit.

Our Work

At Hazen, we believe using the right methodology at the right time is the key to our continued successful application of sustainability frameworks to enhance completed facilities, and we will find the best fit solution to bring maximum value to your community.