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Potable Reuse Pilot to Enhance Recreational Waters and Provide Flood Protection

As part of a collaborative Plant City project between Parks & Recreation and Utilities to enhance park recreational opportunities and provide water supply and flood protection to the dynamically changing region, Hazen is leading a potable reuse pilot test and feasibility study.

Project Outcomes and Benefits

  • The pilot system includes membrane filtration, reverse osmosis, and UV advanced oxidation.
  • Pilot system is designed to evaluate the feasibility, costs, and benefits of direct and indirect potable reuse under current and potential future regulatory conditions.
  • Scope includes groundwater modeling to simulate aquifer recharge, Underground Injection Control permitting assessment, public information assistance, and assessment of the technical, financial, and regulatory feasibility of a full-scale system.
Andre Dieffenthaller, PE

Plant City Potable Reuse Pilot

The project will verify treatment of reclaimed water through pilot testing to simulate full-scale treatment.