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Jamaica Bay Watershed Protection Plan 2018 Update

Hazen worked closely with NYCDEP and a coalition of scientists to put together a 2018 update to the original 2005 Jamaica Bay Watershed Protection Plan that would highlight its successes and provide recommendations for the future, based largely on rigorous literature review of conditions in the Bay.

Human activity and development in Jamaica Bay — one of the largest coastal wetland systems in New York State — have caused significant changes in habitat and water quality and affected the natural ecosystem. In 2005, NYCDEP was tasked with creating a Jamaica Bay Watershed Protection Plan to restore and maintain the water quality of the Bay. As required by local law, the New York City DEP publishes regular updates to its Jamaica Bay Watershed Protection Plan.

The 60-page report—developed in less than four months—was designed for broader distribution to a wider audience with different levels of prior understanding of the environmental challenges in Jamaica Bay and the efforts to restore and protect it.

Jeff Neale

Facilitating Stakeholder Buy-In

Our report used plain language and strategic graphics to convey key messages and garner support for continued critical water initiatives from key stakeholders, including the mayor of New York City.

Project Outcomes and Benefits

  • Stakeholder support for critical water initiatives in Jamaica Bay
  • A science-backed update to the Jamaica Bay Watershed Protection Plan and the outcomes of previous initiatives
  • Renewed messaging through both text and graphics
  • Key scientific and engineering concepts explained through graphics and plain language for a wide range of stakeholders
  • Sleek layout and document design fit for print or the web