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3D Digital Twin Optimizes Facility Operations, Maintenance, and Future Upgrades

Aurora Water solution pairs ESRI GeoBIM, Autodesk Tandem, CMMS, SharePoint, and Microsoft PowerApp providing a connected, single source of all facility information.

At a Glance

  • The 3D digital twin provides a comprehensive overview of the facility, mobile access to O&M manuals, and a template that can be used for future design and construction upgrades.
  • The comprehensive view into asset health enables Aurora Water to optimize its O&M investment and streamline the process for creating new assets.
  • The tool also provides new opportunities to improve staff training and bring increased accuracy to CIP planning.
Ben Stanford, PhD

As one of the largest water producers in the Denver metro area, Aurora Water has to maintain many assets to keep its facility operating efficiently while delivering high-quality water to its customers. But, as with many utilities, the information and data that operators need to make key decisions about their facility was located in various places and formats, creating challenges for staff across the system—from engineers to operators to maintenance crews. The utility partnered with Hazen to bring their facility’s information and data into one single source of truth, creating a 3D mapped resource that can be accessed in the field and brings together multiple data points to provide a comprehensive overview of the facility’s current assets and conditions.

With this tool, Aurora Water expects to minimize errors in their maintenance, reduce staff time overseeing repairs, streamline their process for creating new assets and managing existing ones, improve training, and provide a comprehensive view into asset health, maintenance, and CIP planning.

The tool utilizes Autodesk Tandem to link to the facility’s operations and maintenance manuals and asset conditions to ensure easy access in the field. Hazen integrated Aurora Water’s existing assets into this tool, including a placeholder for their next generation computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) and asset management system and connected it all in a Microsoft PowerApp to build a single source of information about the facility.

The video at the beginning of this article provides a brief walk-thru of the 3D Digital Twin for Aurora Water.