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Falls Lake Intake and Pump Station Improvements

To reliably accommodate the City of Raleigh’s long-term raw water supply needs, Hazen and Sawyer developed and evaluated new intake options, a new pumping facility, and a transmission line to support the expansion of E.M. Johnson Water Treatment Plant (EMJWTP) capacity from 86 mgd to 120 mgd.

Ensuring Long-Term Stability

Part of the project involved developing robust alternative site and analysis comparisons for a 120-mgd facility.

Project Outcomes and Benefits

  • Hazen coordinated with the USACE, who manages the Lake, early on in the planning process to obtain feedback and facilitate agreement on the need and acceptance of a new, expanded intake.
  • Supported the City in making a selection and developed a supporting schedule and implementation plan for proceeding with the expansion.
Christopher Ramo PE, PMP