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Comprehensive Asset Management on an Aggressive Schedule: Nassau County

Hazen and Sawyer performed asset management assessments of two 72 mgd WWTPs, including onsite power generation (methane and natural gas driven), influent/effluent pumping including tide-gate operations, screening and aerated grit removal, primary clarification, step-feed secondary aeration, anaerobic digestion, belt press thickening and dewatering, hypochlorite chlorination and dechlorination.

At a Glance

  • Developed a comprehensive asset management plan for each facility under an aggressive 90 day schedule.
  • Inventoried all facility assets including mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control, HVAC and structural.
  • Confirmed asset inventories and condition through field visits, document review, and staff interviews.
  • Scored each asset with a criticality rating which took into account consequence of failure and probability of failure estimates.
  • Developed remaining life and repair/replacement cost estimates.
  • Conducted a series of workshops with the County staff at various stages of the asset management plan development in order to provide updates on findings/recommendations and receive valuable input.
  • Implemented the Asset Management and Decision Support tool (AMDS), which provided the County with an asset register that can be used as a functional and perpetual tool to aid in risk management and prioritization of asset repair and replacement decisions.
Ryan Nagel, PE, PMP, ENV SP

As a part of a negotiated Consent Agreement between Nassau County and the State of New York, the County was tasked with development of a comprehensive asset management plan for two secondary wastewater treatment facilities.

All assets at both facilities were assessed in order to determine risk of failure and develop remaining life/cost of replacement estimates.