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WE&RF ENER11R13: Guidelines for Utilities Wishing to Conduct Pilot-Scale Demonstrations

Hazen and Sawyer, in collaboration with LA Stone LLC, examined the real and perceived complexities in conducting pilot-scale demonstration studies at water resource recovery facilities (WRRFs).
Werf pilot testing cover
The full report is available free to members on the WE&RF website.
Werf pilot testing framework
This framework that highlights the key stages associated with developing a pilot/demonstration program. Not all components/stages of the framework may be relevant to a particular effort; however, the roadmap helps to provide an overview of key elements that should be considered. (Stone and Khunjar. “Guidelines for Utilities Wishing to Conduct Pilot-Scale Demonstrations.” Water Environment & Reuse Foundation, 2016.)

This Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WE&RF) research project featured industry-relevant examples to elevate the understanding of technologies, performance expectations, and implementation practices. This document aids WRRFs in their pursuit of implementing new technologies and processes by presenting applicable technologies, costs, and logistics in five research demonstration projects/programs.

Full details on this project can be found on the WE&RF website.

Wendell Khunjar, PhD, PE
One of the case studies highlighted in the paper is the evaluation and demonstration of a novel approach for performing sidestream deammonification at the 26th Ward WWTP in New York.

Project Outcomes and Benefits

  • Describes the need and process for identifying clear expectations and objectives for implementing pilot-scale demonstrations.
  • Outlines critical program elements and guidelines for successful pilot-scale studies.
  • Demonstrates through case study profiles the importance of collaboration, communication, and strong management strategies to effectively implement pilot-scale projects.