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Hazen's Troy Walker to Present at "Potable Water Reuse: What Prospects for Europe?"

Troy Walker will present "Potable Reuse in the United States: How we got here? What are we doing? What does it mean?" at this webinar.

(TEMPE, AZ - June 17, 2021) - Hazen's Troy Walker is among the presenters at the June 24th webinar titled "Potable Water Reuse: What Prospects for Europe?", sponsored jointly by Water Reuse Europe and the WateReuse Association.

Although planned indirect or direct potable reuse schemes (IPR/DPR) still account for a negligible fraction of the reused water volume worldwide, many schemes are currently in planning and development phases, especially in the USA with nearly 50 planned and constructed IPR and/or DPR projects reported by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) in 2017. In Europe, despite a few success stories and the development of new research projects on the topic, potable reuse schemes remain thin on the ground.

In that context, Water Reuse Europe and the American WateReuse Association are bringing together speakers from both continents who are involved in implemented – or are planning – potable reuse schemes to learn from their respective experiences in the development of such schemes with a specific emphasis on regulatory approaches, risk management and communication; and to discuss what is needed to enable wider adoption of potable reuse across Europe’s territories.

The event is free to attend for members of Water Reuse Europe and the WateReuse Association. For more information or to register, please visit Water Reuse Europe.

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