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Can a Water Treatment Plant Increase Its Filtration Rate to Boost Capacity?

Hazen's Jim DeWolfe checks functions on the skid’s supervisory control and data acquisition system.

(NEW YORK, NY - November 17, 2020) - Hazen's ongoing pilot study for the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County (MAWC) is featured in an article titled "Can a Water Treatment Plant Increase Its Filtration Rate to Boost Capacity?" in the November 2020 issue of AWWA Opflow.

With its excess production capacity reduced to below 20 percent, MAWC is conducting a pilot study to determine whether adjusting filter rates could increase the design capacity of one of its main water treatment plants. Hazen and Sawyer and MAWC plant staff developed a plan to operate one clarifier at an increased rate of 8.33 gpm/ft2, collecting effluent water to feed the filter skid.

Quarterly reports are being shared with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to evaluate any concerns that may need more investigating. The project team is excited to conduct the pilot study and will share the results next year.

For a copy of the full text of the article, please visit the AWWA Opflow website.