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Jordan Water and Wastewater Network Program

Hazen and Sawyer is working with Jordan’s Government to manage the water and wastewater network expansion portion of a $275 million Water Infrastructure Program funded by a grant from the Millennium Challenge Corporation, a US federal funding agency whose mission is to reduce poverty by supporting economic growth.

Critical Infrastructure Upgrades

This program will improve water supply to approximately a million people and better support agricultural needs.

As Program Manager, we are developing, coordinating, and monitoring detailed project schedules and budgets, and providing fast-track design and construction management of buried infrastructure works for both water distribution and wastewater collection systems to be constructed under nine contracts in a densely populated community of the Zarqa Governorate of Jordan.

Project Outcomes and Benefits

  • Rehabilitating and restructuring of existing water supply networks.
  • Converting an old pumped water distribution system to a gravity-fed distribution system that will improve service, reduce water supply losses and extend the lifespan of the network.
  • Increasing the wastewater collection system to serve 85 percent of the community.
  • Replacing or rehabbing up to 29 kilometers of undersized trunk lines and expansion of sewers by up to 140 kilometers.
  • Rehabilitating or replacing approximately 40 miles of water transmission pipelines and 250 miles of distribution piping to improve water supply to approximately a million people.
  • Providing 26 mgd of additional water for domestic consumption to local communities and enhancing the collection of wastewater for treatment and reuse for irrigation in the Zarqa Governorate.