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Water Resources Modeling

Megan Rivera, PhD

Building the Right Tool for Clients' Needs

Hazen has been behind some of the most complex and sophisticated planning, management, design, and implementation efforts in the Water Resources industry. Hydrologic and water resources systems models enhance our capabilities in this field. We help clients select and build the right tool to meet their needs. Our modelers are well-versed in a range of hydrologic, hydraulic, reservoir operations, and systems models, including the US Army Corps of Engineers’ HEC models, DHI’s MIKE models, RiverWare, GoldSim, and Hazen’s OASIS.

These types of models are powerful tools for water managers, operators, and other stakeholders. OASIS, for example, enables them to see how their system reacts to demand and/or supply management alternatives, changes in operating rules or water quality conditions, or sequencing of facilities. Raw water systems, hydropower generation, treatment plants, and distribution systems can all be modeled in OASIS, which allows for a comprehensive integrated view of a water resource system. Output readily exports to common visualization tools like Excel and Power BI. OASIS has been used to inform water allocation in river basins affecting about 20 percent of the U.S. population. OASIS has also been used to look at individual water systems and allows for careful consideration of water supply options in the context of interconnected resources.