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2022 VA WaterJAM Conference Presentations

Hazen and Sawyer staff will present 13 sessions at the VA WaterJAM Conference to be held September 12-15, 2022 in Virginia Beach, VA.

Our presentations will include:

Tuesday, September 13th

Upgrading Richmond's Water Distribution System: Planning for the Future while Designing and Constructing around the Past
Roger Arnold

Force Main Condition Assessment - Don't Waste a Failed Inspection
Paul Wilson

LCR Revisions - Developing and Implementing an Action Plan for Compliance
Becki Rosenfeldt

Wednesday, September 14th

Feed-Backward Total Phosphorous TMDL Evaluation with Finite Segment Modeling Framework
Kayla Rutherford

Combination of EBPR, Partial Nitrification/Denitrification and Anammox to Achieve TIN < 3 mg/L in Mainstream Flows Subjected to Adverse Weather Events
Yewei Sun

Tradeoffs on Improving WRRF Effluent Water Quality with Advanced Analytics (WRF 4833 Module A)
Kelly Landry

Leveraging Advanced GIS for Repeatable and Interactive Planning
Ryan O'Banion

PFAS Removal – Technologies and Associated Costs for Water Treatment Plants
Aaron Duke

Ultrasonic Thickness Testing – Consistently Inconsistent
Jason Stegemann

Thursday, September 15th

A Tale of Two Facilities - Jointly Optimizing Coagulation at Two Interconnected Treatment Plants
Roger Arnold

Successful Full-Scale Continuous Flow Densification of Activated Sludge at Crooked Creek Water Reclamation Facility Without Phyiscal Selection
Wendell Khunjar

Effective PFAS Communication Strategies: Results from Water Research Foundation Project 5124
Erik Rosenfeldt

Implementing a Phased Approach for Service Line Inventory Development
Roger Arnold