Technical Expertise. Perhaps more than anything else, Hazen and Sawyer’s reputation is founded on the superior technical work we provide to help clients meet their water quality goals.

Computer Modeling. We use sophisticated modeling tools, such as Computational Fluid Dynamics, to determine the effectiveness of process designs.

Process Optimization. Often, by studying process alternatives and optimization, we can help expand the operating capacity of a plant and delay significant capital costs.

3D Modeling. Before a shovel hits the ground, we can build early designs in 3D CAD, enabling earlier input from stakeholders, accelerating permitting and approvals, and avoiding unnecessary delays and conflicts.

Lifecycle Analysis. Beyond capital costs, we account for operating costs, waste-to-energy opportunities, and greenhouse gas emissions when recommending design alternatives.

System Modeling. Our modeling of entire water systems can produce cost-effective solutions to challenges such as water age, disinfectant/disinfection-by-product content, and inflow/infiltration reduction.

GUI Development. When necessary, we develop and provide Graphical User Interfaces to help clients better understand and manage their systems.

UV Disinfection and Ozonation. We're tapped for such jobs as the world's largest drinking water installation of ultraviolet (UV) disinfection technology and wastewater treatment and reclamation in the most stringent of regulatory environments.

Emerging Contaminants and Bacteria. We study emerging contaminants and their effects on receiving waters, and understand how the microscopic bacteria in a treatment plant can affect process performance.

Climate Change. We're researching the effects of climate change on public health and the environment to keep our clients prepared for a variety of possible futures.

Hazen and Sawyer. Since 1951, clients have called upon us to solve their toughest water engineering challenges. Learn more about our work.

Since 1951, Hazen and Sawyer has focused on two critical activities – helping our clients provide safe drinking water to their customers, and controlling water pollution and its effects on the environment.

Our focus brings us exceptional challenges – such as the largest drinking water UV disinfection installation in the world, upgrade of major wastewater treatment plants to reduce nutrient discharges to sensitive receiving waters, and recharging vital drinking water aquifers with highly-treated wastewater effluent, renewing a valuable resource.

Our focus also makes us home to many of the world’s most knowledgeable and experienced environmental engineers and scientists, each seeking a challenging and rewarding career while making an important contribution to the communities in which we work.

Our commitment to our clients is absolute. Our expert process groups contribute to the latest research and determine how to apply the most effective and efficient technologies to engineer solutions to your challenges. Your goals are our goals, and we offer the insight and experience needed to achieve and exceed them.

If you have a water engineering challenge, Hazen and Sawyer has your solution.