Water Resources

Hazen and Sawyer specializes in development and management of Water Resources for utilities, authorities, and government agencies. We advise these entities in planning for new supply sources and developing new raw supply infrastructure as well as effectively managing existing supply and infrastructure.

Raw Water Supply Infrastructure: Hazen is an experienced and trusted firm for the development and maintenance of raw water supply infrastructure, including intakes on reservoirs and rivers, pump stations, and conveyance. Our expertise spans design and construction management, inspection, regulatory compliance, and O&M assistance.

Dams, Reservoirs, and Levees: Our expertise spans dam design and construction management, inspection, permitting, emergency action planning (EAP), regulatory compliance, and O&M assistance.

Groundwater Facilities: Our services include design and construction management, inspection, regulatory compliance, and O&M assistance for new and replacement water supply wells as well as aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) systems.

Water Supply Planning: We excel in integrated water resource planning by integrating demand models and forecasts with models of water source variability and water supply systems operations, identifying proper mixes of structural and non-structural solutions that produce needed yields and maximize supply reliability.

Water Demand Forecasting and Analysis: To meet the needs of each client, we have cultivated short- and long-term forecasting methods that stretch across a spectrum of technical detail. We also excel in optimized demand management planning based on detailed, locally-focused assessment of water use characteristics.

Climate Adaptation: We apply projected, locally-downscaled scenarios of climate change to assessments of water demand, supply system reliability, and source water quality to estimate impacts of climate change and develop strategies for mitigating those impacts.

Water Resource Economics: We frequently develop valuations of natural resources, quantifying the economic impacts of those resources during regulatory and policy evaluations and economic and environmental impact assessments.

Source Water Protection: We model water quality within watersheds, streams, and surface water reservoirs, develop plans that promote water quality within sources, and incorporate water quality dynamics within integrated demand/supply planning and modeling efforts when raw water quality is a within-system concern.

Stormwater: Our comprehensive, watershed-based approach controls the conveyance of stormwater, maximizes upstream infiltration and treatment, and uses natural features to store and treat storm runoff.

Applied Research: Hazen has been prolific in advancing the science behind water resources. We have conceived, led, and/or participated in dozens of national, high-profile research projects covering most of our service areas. (Courtesy Dr. Amita Mehta, NASA).

Hazen and Sawyer has been involved in some of the most complex and sophisticated planning, management, design, and implementation efforts in the Water Resources industry, and we have tailored unique infrastructure and management solutions at local, regional, and even national scales.

With our field-leading and multidisciplinary expertise and our experience throughout the process of Water Resource development, we can help you confidently – and cost-effectively – ensure reliable water supply to your constituents now and into the future.

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