Raw Water Supply Infrastructure

We understand that the ability to reliably provide high-quality potable water starts with the getting raw water infrastructure right. The system must not only provide reliable access to sufficient quantity and quality of raw water under a variety of hydrologic conditions, but must also account for regulatory and institutional requirements, downstream processes and distribution, operation and maintenance requirements, and current and long-term demand projections.

We work elbow to elbow with our clients, stakeholders, and Hazen experts in other Water Resource focus areas to provide a comprehensive approach to raw water system planning, design, and construction.

Hazen ensures that our clients proceed with the right projects that provide maximum utility in delivering water in a flexible and cost-effective manner by using our cutting edge analytical tools and modeling capabilities to assess and refine the impact and performance of intakes, pump stations and conveyance structures.

Hazen evaluated several alternatives to improve the Gilboa Dam Low Level Outlet. The chosen alternative was a new LLO comprised of a shaft and approximately 2100 linear feet of 108-inch diameter steel lined tunnel located around the east abutment of the Gilboa Dam. To maintain normal operating conditions of the Schoharie Reservoir during construction, tunneling was accomplished by Microtunnel Boring Machine procedures with wet retrieval.

When Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities (NC) tasked Hazen with increasing its water supply capacity, the program entailed installing more than 25,000 LF of raw water piping, 500 MG of offline raw water storage at the Franklin Water Treatment Plant, and an intake structure.

Hazen and Sawyer provided planning, design and construction administration services to construct the Frederick P. Griffith Jr. Raw Water Pump Station and associated intake and conveyance tunnels to deliver raw water to Fairfax Water’s 120-MGD Frederick P. Griffith Jr, Water Treatment Plant.

Our projects are delivered at the highest level of technical excellence and efficiency by an integrated multi-discipline engineering and permitting team that propels the project from planning through start-up. We develop comprehensive solutions to the industry’s most challenging raw water challenges, including:

  • replacement, retrofitting, repair and new construction of raw water infrastructure and equipment including:
    • on- and off-shore intake structures and equipment (static and travelling screens) in both reservoirs and rivers
    • raw water supply diversion and isolation equipment such as gates, valves and stop shutters
    • raw water pump stations
    • raw water conveyance tunnels
  • dredging to support facility maintenance and operation, as well construction
  • development of inspection plans for hard-to-access submerged infrastructure
  • underwater construction approaches in submerged conditions, within and outside raw facilities
  • maintaining infrastructure and equipment operation during construction
  • permitting and regulatory support
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