Operations Assistance

Extreme flooding in the Cumberland River basin inundated the Clarksville WWTP (left), which has since returned to secondary treatment (right). Hazen and Sawyer provided a broad array of recovery services included site dewatering, facilities cleaning, and equipment repair/replacement. We also designed and are currently constructing further plant improvements.

Our team is leading the way in developing the framework needed to ensure the proper training, certification, and operation of direct potable reuse systems in the U.S.

At the Hallandale Beach Membrane Softening Facility, we provided operational assistance during the first year of operations, ensuring successful plant performance and operator training.

At New York City’s Newtown Creek WWTP, Hazen and Sawyer has been providing ongoing operations assistance as part of a $2.5 billion upgrade to the facility.

Our membrane start-up specialists, including both process experts and electrical and control and information personnel, expedited the smooth start-up of the new facilities at the South Collier Regional Water Treatment Plant.

Tighter budgets, population growth, and new regulations can put operations staff in a tough spot. Aging facilities and infrastructure – and the postponement of capital improvements – can aggravate the problem.

Increased weather variability adds to these challenges, and makes it even more important to prepare for scenarios that can threaten even the most stable and successful facility operations and the public health.

Hazen and Sawyer provides the same level of attentive detail and personalized service in operation support services that we provide during the design of your facility. We place a strong emphasis on local, user-friendly staff interaction with the commitment and expertise of a leading national firm that specializes in water and wastewater facilities.

Operating Success

Successful facility start-up and operation depends not only on the design, but also on operating personnel who have a good understanding of the interaction between systems and equipment.

Hazen and Sawyer offers expertise in:

• Plant troubleshooting
• Personnel training
• Plan of Operation, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Electronic Operations & Maintenance (eO&M) manuals, and Pocket Guides
• First year operations certification
• Computerized equipment maintenance databases
• Effective Predictive and Preventive Maintenance Programs
• Laboratory assistance
• Industrial pre-treatment support
• Safety plan preparation
• Vulnerability analysis and emergency response planning

Startup Services

Drawing on Hazen and Sawyer’s in-depth knowledge of process design, our startup, shakedown, and performance/acceptance testing services benefit a broad range of facilities, processes, and equipment. Our operations support staff work closely with our Construction Management Group to ensure that facilities are operating as designed and are realizing the full design capability. We also provide a wide array of existing facility evaluation services, such as pilot and full-scale stress testing.

eO&M Manuals

A common theme throughout staff training and interaction with the facility processes and operation is information overload. Our digital format simplifies difficult concepts and pushes process control decision-making to the frontline operator. Simple linking and straight-forward packaging pull critical information forward and reduce the “noise” that surrounds technical solutions and explanations.

We use our eO&Ms to customize site-specific training and offer site certification for competence in the operation and control of the a process area. Our eO&M resources are client-integrated and dynamic, using open platforms to take advantage of software advancements and enhancements without having to reinvent the wheel.

Maintenance Management: A Predictive Approach

Why wait until there’s a problem? Our predictive, preventative, and corrective maintenance services use a mix of real-world condition assessments and advanced techniques. Hazen and Sawyer utilizes a variety of Computer Maintenance Management Systems, identifying the one that best suits your utility size and program-complexity requirements. We provide a solution-oriented maintenance program to match your budget while helping you to avoid costly unplanned failures in effectively managing your assets.

Troubleshooting and Improved Operations

Hazen and Sawyer has helped some of the world’s largest and most complicated facilities with troubleshooting services and money-saving operations improvements such as Process Control Systems and consumables optimization. When evaluating facilities, we also first look to possible operational changes, before embarking on design improvements. When facility upgrades are necessary, our operations support staff work closely with our Process/Facility Design Groups to provide “Operability Reviews” prior to construction. We also offer assistance with regulatory compliance issues.

Safety Support Services

We have extensive knowledge of Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) regulatory requirements and have years of experience helping personnel put these requirements into practice at water and wastewater facilities. Hazen and Sawyer instills a proactive, safety-first attitude, whether we’re writing OSHA compliant, site-specific safety procedures and written safety programs, conducting facility safety audits and existing safety program peer reviews, or providing safety training of your facility personnel.

We have more than 50 years of hands on experience with the operation, maintenance, training, and source documentation issues facing water and wastewater facilities ranging from 300 MGD to 0.1 MGD facilities. You can trust us to make sure you get the most out of your facility.

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