Integrated Planning Solutions

Today, municipalities face challenging regulatory requirements and increasing pressure to meet these new regulations while delivering cost-effective utility services. In response, integrated planning brings together stormwater, water, and wastewater programs to efficiently manage resources to achieve environmental, regulatory, and community goals.

To provide a sustainable future, we must view the entire water cycle as a single integrated system that considers the social, economic, and environmental costs. Our integrated teams use a one water approach to provide utilities with integrated resource planning that ensures long-term, safe, and stable water supply.

For Sanitation District 1 in Kentucky, we developed a full system solution concept to address CSOs and SSOs to use as a benchmark for comparing the costs and benefits of using integrated gray, green and watershed controls to achieve water quality improvements more quickly and effectively.

Hazen and Sawyer is leading a team of engineers, modelers, specialists, and eight subconsultants to plan facilities to address wet weather issues in the Upper Monongahela drainage basin in Allegheny County, PA for ALCOSAN.

Since 2006, Hazen and Sawyer has provided master planning, surge analysis, water quality evaluations, and regulatory assistance for the City of Rockville's water distribution system. Looking at the issues from both sides of the system has allowed Hazen and Sawyer to integrate hydraulic, water quality, regulatory, cost, and environmental considerations and provide recommendations that make sense for the system as a whole.

At two WWTPs in Nassau County, we developed a comprehensive asset management plan for each facility under an aggressive 90 day schedule.

Hazen and Sawyer is assisting the NYCDEP in developing and implementing an environmentally sound and comprehensive drainage management system that enhances the existing wetlands which would have been destroyed if a traditional grid-like network of storm sewers had been constructed.

Our long history in the industry and our sole focus on water has uniquely positioned Hazen and Sawyer to help develop an integrated planning framework. Our resources, tools, and experience in managing CSO programs and Consent Decrees, developing master plans for water, wastewater, and stormwater systems, designing green and gray solutions, and engaging in optimized, comprehensive management solutions are unparalleled. Let us apply our expertise to benefit your community.

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