Facilities and Master Planning

The Master Plan for the Plum Island WPCP included projections of future population and wastewater flows that were coordinated with population and flow projections used in the Master Plans for the West Ashley Service Area, Water Distribution System, and Hanahan Water Plant.

Hazen and Sawyer has performed studies, designs and construction-phase services for the City of Rockville’s 8-mgd Water Treatment Plant and provided master planning, surge analysis, water quality evaluations, and regulatory assistance for the City’s water distribution system.

Hazen and Sawyer is preparing the Wastewater Master Plan for Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, designing solutions needed to implement proper collection, transmission, and treatment for the next 30 years and improve the environmental conditions of the surrounding rivers and Caribbean Sea.

The existing water supply system in Quito, Ecuador, has an installed capacity of 220 MGD through an elaborate system of water intakes, transmission lines, 10 treatment plants, and a 1300-mile distribution network that comprises 180 reservoirs and an equal number of pressure zones. The sewer system is of a combined type, for domestic wastewater and stormwater.

We delivered three alternative Master Plan scenarios for integrated potable water and wastewater conduction, transmission, and treatment systems to adjust the water and sewer short, medium, and long-term service development strategy to assist in the operation and planning of vital services into the City of Quito, Ecuador.

Hazen and Sawyer updated the Wastewater Master Plan for the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department to account for a growing population, redevelopment, regulatory pressures, and the need to implement reuse projects to obtain consumptive use permit increases.

Hazen and Sawyer is using a recently calibrated WaterGEMS hydraulic model to evaluate Kingport's (TN) existing distribution system to identify low pressure issues, water age issues, and potential fire flow issues, in preparing the City's Water System Master Plan.

Planning for the future – assessing risk, evaluating options – is always a challenge. For utilities providing water, wastewater, and stormwater services to their customers, nothing short of public health and preserving the natural environment hang in the balance. Our clients face pressures from growing and shifting demands on individual facilities and overall systems, as well as changing regulations that must be met using an array of ever developing technologies. All of these factors must be balanced against the cost of implementing a range of potential alternatives.

Hazen and Sawyer recognizes the complexity and diversity of facilities and master planning challenges, and maintains a group of seasoned experts devoted to this type of work. Personnel in this group bring together a wide spectrum of abilities and knowledge to successfully plan for impending and potential issues. Many of them have spent decades obtaining the broad base of experience necessary to provide meaningful advice to our clients. They include computer modelers who have worked with some of the most sophisticated software available, engineers who have designed and managed the construction of the most advanced water and wastewater facilities in the world, and program managers who have implemented system-wide improvements for cities of all sizes.

Our facilities and master planning efforts often include:

  • Water system distribution modeling
  • Sewer collection and transmission modeling
  • Computational fluid dynamics analysis
  • Conceptual facilities design
  • Cost estimating
  • Overall Program and construction scheduling

These activities allow our planning group to develop alternatives which are then assessed and evaluated. Even with limited available data, we are able to draw on extensive real world experience to deliver sound recommendations that are executable. Working together with you, the master planning team members will chart a course of action that most efficiently and effectively meets your goals.

Planning for the future is always a challenge, but Hazen and Sawyer can help. Since 1951, we’ve been providing clients with solutions that meet today’s challenges, and prepare them for tomorrow’s.

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