Energy Management

As a pioneer in water and wastewater engineering, Hazen and Sawyer understands the important role energy management serves and how it benefits our clients. Our energy management experience, coupled with our extensive water and wastewater treatment background, enables us to develop innovative energy management solutions specifically tailored for water and wastewater utilities.

Energy Management Master Planning: We provided energy management master planning services for the City of Durham (NC) North and South Water Reclamation Facilities. The energy opportunities identified included Zone DO Control, BNR and digester mixing improvements, “on-peak” demand management strategies, power monitoring, and biogas utilization improvements.

Energy Resource Recovery: We significantly lowered the energy usage and increased the secondary process performance for the Moores Creek WWTP by replacing the existing engine driven blowers with high speed blowers and improving DO control capabilities. A new CHP system and digester heating boilers were added to recover energy from digester gas and improve digester heating efficiency.

Process Optimization: Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modeling of primary clarifier performance at the F. Wayne Hill WRC revealed a simple and low-cost modification that increased primary sludge production more than 200% and subsequent digester gas production by more than 50%.

Power Monitoring Systems: Our power monitoring strategies are designed to enable the operators to understand the facility’s energy performance efficiency “at a glance” from a single SCADA screen. This capability gives the plant staff to proactively address inefficient operations there by reducing energy usage and reducing maintenance costs.

On-Site Power Generation: Hazen has a long history of designing on-site power generation systems that range from single low voltage systems to large multi-generator, medium-voltage closed transition systems, many of which are used to generate revenue through electric utility demand side capacity credit and load curtailment programs.

Process Modeling: Our Hazen Energy Efficiency Tool (HEET) is a process energy modeling tool specifically designed to model the whole plant mass and energy balance giving us the ability to understand how optimization opportunities impacts the energy performance for downstream processes.

Energy Resource Recovery: We look for innovative ways to reliability recover and utilize energy in multiple forms such as biogas, chemical energy (COD), thermal energy, nutrients, and hydraulic energy. Our objective is to enable our clients to recover and utilize the many forms of energy available in the water and wastewater treatment process to offset the cost of purchased energy.

Biogas Utilization: Hazen developed the Energy Balance and Analysis Tool (EBAT) to evaluate and identify the long term benefits from multiple digester gas utilization alternatives. The EBAT tool models the complex relationship between energy production, energy demands, and energy costs to provide accurate long-term cost/benefit assessments.

We maximize the benefit to our clients by taking a “holistic approach” to Energy Management that explores all aspects of energy management ranging from energy efficiency, resource recovery, energy procurement, and energy monitoring optimization. By incorporating these elements together, our team of experts are able to develop energy saving opportunities that return long term operational savings many of which can be implemented at low or zero capital costs.

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