Economic and Financial Services

For the St. Johns River Water Management District, Hazen and Sawyer assessed the economic value of the Indian River Lagoon (FL) using a regional economic input/output model that considered recreational and commercial uses along with income, real estate values, and hedonic pricing techniques. The lagoon’s annual contribution to the local economy was estimated at $3.7 billion, helping the district define the return on investment of public funding to protect and enhance this ecosystem.

The South Florida Water Management District retained Hazen and Sawyer to conduct an analysis of phosphorus control strategies north of Lake Okeechobee. The goal was to provide a benefit-cost analysis of new phosphorus control alternatives (PCAs) to further reduce phosphorus loads entering the lake.

For the C-51 Reservoir in Palm Beach County, we conducted a financial feasibility analysis that included comparing the cost of the proposed reservoir to the cost of increasing water supply through reclaimed water recharge and desalination of Floridan aquifer water.

Hazen and Sawyer prepared a Financial Capability Analysis for the City of Marion, OH to determine the affordability and sustainability of the City’s proposed Long Term Control Plan.

The five counties and NOAA use the results of our socioeconomic study of Florida reefs for planning and justifying reef-related projects, in performing damage assessments, and in public relations.

Our financial evaluation allowed the Appomattox River Water Authority in Virginia to fully consider the financial impacts of a broad array of capital plan project configurations and alternative cost allocation methods to better optimize its decision process.

Hazen and Sawyer evaluated the regional economic impacts of a stormwater control and treatment system as it affects sugar, vegetable and sod production in the Everglades Agricultural Area. The study was the first of its kind to assess the regional economic impact of Everglades restoration south of Lake Okeechobee as it affects an industry.

Hazen and Sawyer’s Economic and Financial Services group offers analytic services to support the decision-making of water and wastewater utilities and government water resource agencies. Our services include infrastructure and program feasibility studies, water demand forecasting and management, asset management, financial capability assessments, affordability studies, long-term planning, regulatory impact assessment, and resource valuation. We are experts in econometric modeling, economic input-output analysis, statistical methods, financial modeling, market and non-market valuation of resources, and survey research. We regularly perform benefit-cost analyses, financial feasibility studies, and fiscal impact assessments.

Our economists have national and international experience with a variety of clients including small community water systems, large urban municipalities, state and federal government agencies, and international development organizations. The group tailors analytical tools to meet individual client requirements and applies a project performance standard designed to withstand legal challenge. We developed a business case evaluation tool for supporting utility decision making in selecting cost-effective alternatives and a financial model that calculates impacts of alternative production and treatment technologies on utility costs and net revenue.

Economic and Financial Services group members work closely with engineers in all of the firm’s practice areas encompassing water, wastewater, reclaimed water, and stormwater. We also perform environmental benefits valuation, willingness-to-pay studies for water, wastewater and reclaimed water projects, and funding analyses of environmental programs.

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