Dams, Reservoirs, and Levees

Water impoundments provide diverse benefits such as flood control, municipal water supply, irrigation supply, water quality treatment, and recreational amenities. Most dams and reservoirs combine several of these benefits, and Hazen and Sawyer’s water resources professionals understand the integrated nature of this critical infrastructure. Having provided consulting and design services ranging from simple dam assessments to multi-phase design and rehabilitation projects for a wide array of multi-beneficial facilities, Hazen is a leader in providing dam, reservoir, and levee engineering services.

Our Gilboa Dam rehabilitation project was named the National Rehabilitation Project of the Year by the Association of State Dam Safety Officials and awarded an ACEC-NY Diamond award.

We provided comprehensive engineering services to the City of Wilson for the expansion of Buckhorn Reservoir, the city’s primary water source, increasing impounding capacity from 0.7 to 6.7 billion gallons and safe yield to 29 mgd.

Completion of spillway modifications at Lake Johnson Dam in response to spillway overtopping during Tropical Storm Alberto. Modifications were designed to prevent furture overtopping and repair damage to the spillway slab. Emergency repairs were completed within 48 hours of the storm event, and permanent repairs were designed, permitted, and constructed within two months of the storm event.

Ogee weir and concrete spillway chute at Savage River Dam in Westernport, Maryland. Hazen and the Upper Potomac River Commission were awarded the Northeast Award of Merit by the Association of State Dam Safety Officials for successcully completing the replacement of the dam's main flood gates under highly adverse circumstances.

At Little River Dam in Durham, NC, we provided engineering services from initial studies through design, permitting, construction administration, and operation and maintenance of the dam. Hazen continues to perform annual dam safety inspections of the structure.

Hazen's reservoir expansion evaluation in a comprehensive water supply study in 1988 serves as the City of Durham's long-term water supply blueprint. Pictured here is the landing page of the Lake Michie Dam electronic Operations and Maintenance Manual (eO&M) developed as part of this project.

Test run of the articulated concrete block (ACB) auxiliary spillway channel over the embankment of a CCR impoundment for a private power sector client.

Aerial view of construction of the Richland Creek Reservoir Dam in Paulding County, Georgia. Upon completion, the reservoir will serve as the raw water supply for the Richland Creek Water Treatment Plant, an integral part of the Paulding County Water Supply System.

Isometric view of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model of rehabilitation design for West Area Water Quality Control Facility in Atlanta, Georgia. The combined-sewer overflow structure discharges through a concrete chute with SAF stilling basin before entering an exit channel lined with concrete armor units that discharges into the adjacent Peachtree Creek.

Hazen performs quarterly visual dam inspections for 25 dams for the Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources, including 16 High Hazard structures.

Hazen uses Esri applications for mobile data collection and spatial visualization during quarterly visual dam inspections of 25 dams for the Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources. Hazen customized the collection system to meet client-specific needs including prompts for condition assessment, priority ranking, recommended maintenance actions, photo attachment, etc.

Our staff of recognized experts specializes in evaluation, design, and construction services for dam renovations in compliance with upgraded safety requirements. Our past projects include both large and small dam-related engineering efforts ranging from small remedial improvement projects to siting, permitting, design, and construction of new surface water supply reservoirs. We are proud to have worked on some of the most challenging dam-related projects for varied clients including local municipalities, state agencies, power sector, private owners, and water authorities.

Hazen’s dam and reservoir senior staff have 200+ years of combined experience with more than 400 dams, including over 100 categorized as high hazard structures. Our specialists have a wide range of experience, from simple siphon spillways to complex labyrinth and chute spillways, as well as various projects associated with earthen embankment, concrete, and roller compacted concrete dams. In addition, we have experience with coal combustion residual (CCR) impoundments and have provided rehabilitation plans to meet EPA rules for several generating plant facilities. We embrace the fact that dams and levees are not one-size-fits-all and welcome the opportunity for customized engineering solutions that meet the needs of each of our individual clients.

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