Strategic communication with customers, staff, and stakeholders continues to grow more important as water-related issues become higher profile, technologies become more complex, and budgets remain tight.

In partnership with NYCDEP and WRF, we produced a comprehensive guide to integrated stormwater management using charts and schematics to appeal to readers of all kinds.

This algae mitigation poster was designed for facility operators and printed on an 11x17 spread in our magazine so it could be easily removed and hung on a plant wall.

For Corpus Christi TX, we created a series of brochures to help the community better understand drinking water treatment and why and how boil water notices are issued.

As part of the City of Buffalo's Water Quality Initiative, the City partnered with Hazen to develop a series of communication materials to highlight the improved water quality and foster a sense of program ownership in the general public.

We recently completed an aeration upgrade for Portland Water District's East End WWTP and then supported the official opening of the new facility with posters and handouts.

Our infographics are designed to convey complex concepts in a reader-friendly, easy-to-understand way.

Our materials are designed to appeal to both scanners (those who skim a piece just for the gist) and readers (those who read each piece in-depth), with quick-to-read headlines and thoughtful content.

We created a suite of materials for the groundbreaking of the new Sustainable Water Initiative for Tomorrow (SWIFT) Research Center at the Nansemond Treatment Plant, including a poster illustrating the 8-step process that will recharge the Potomac Aquifer.

Hazen’s experienced communications strategists, writers, and designers leverage the Firm’s deep technical expertise to help you shape the narrative around any project or program. We specialize in distilling succinct messages and compelling visuals from technical information, producing high-quality print and electronic materials.

Whether you need to establish the value proposition for delivering essential services, prepare staff for operational changes, or win over community stakeholders, we can help.

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