Hazen and Sawyer provided design, construction oversight, and operational support for the upgrade and expansion of the Thomas P. Smith Water Reclamation Facility.

We have developed tools and resources to help utilities that are facing - or may potentially face - harmful algal blooms in their water supply.

The 15-mgd, LEED certified Bradley Avenue Water Treatment Plant was delivering water 21 months from project start.

Upgrades to the Arlington East WRF are operating even better than expected, and were completed four months ahead of schedule and $10 million under budget.

Upgrades to the 60-mgd Neuse River Wastewater Treatment Plant included facilities for total nitrogen removal and UV disinfection - and a 20% reduction in energy costs.

A combination blue roof/green roof can cost-effectively manage stormwater and provide many other benefits.

The 2,020-mgd Catskill Delaware Ultraviolet Disinfection Facility, the largest in the world, serves nine million customers at a fraction of the cost of a filtration plant.

Best Management Practices replace expensive storm sewers in the Staten Island Bluebelt, saving NYC millions and creating beautiful natural wildlife habitats.

Facing a steep increase in energy prices, Johannesburg Water is upgrading to high-performance digestion facilities, cutting costs as much as 55%.

Our Enhanced Nutrient Removal upgrade and expansion of the 75-mgd Henrico Water Reclamation Facility includes flexibility to meet lower limits as regulations evolve.

We have conducted studies to examine the potential effects of sea level rise and storm surge impacts for both Miami-Dade and New York City, and developed adaptation strategies for all of the affected wastewater treatment plants.

Aging infrastructure, constrained budgets, and the desire to avoid rate increases can combine to put significant strain on utility operations. We have helped many utilities ease the strain, developing asset management projects and programs that reduce operating costs and identify optimal capital investment strategies.

In Amman Jordan, we are working on a water/wastewater program that includes sewer line extensions that will raise coverage rates to approximately 85 percent of the local population.

Hazen and Sawyer provided fast-track design-build services to replace underwater pipelines to prepare for the dredging of the Port of Miami access channels to accommodate “New Panamax” ships allowed by the deepened Panama Canal.