Upper Watts Branch Forest Preserve Stream Restoration

Client: City of Rockville Dept. of Public Works
Location: Rockville, MD

Hazen and Sawyer, along with our design partner, Charles P. Johnson, assessed approximately 10,400 linear feet of the Upper Watts Branch Tributary to Watts Branch in Rockville, Maryland.

Streamflow over completed riffle grade and cross vane controls.

Typical eroded stream bank within the forest preserve.

Cleared trees stockpiled for re-use as “wood toe” habitat enhancement.

Soil geolifts installed over placed wood toe.

Alternating toe-wood-protected pools and constructed riffles.

Constructing regenerative stream design feature - groundwater will flow through underlying sand/woodchip mix.

Completed regenerative stream channel, prior to planting.

Stormflow through regenerative storm conveyance channel.

Project Outcomes and Benefits

  • Identified stream restoration opportunities and storm drain outfall improvement locations.
  • Quantified wetland functional uplift and sanitary sewer protection needs.
  • Designed 2,066 feet of stream restoration, including repair of three failing stormwater outfalls and the protection of exposed sanitary assets, through an interactive public task-force process.

Hazen assessed storm drain and stream stability, developed concepts, and conducted public meetings. We prepared construction documents, specifications, cost opinions and provided construction management services. Hazen estimated the economic value of the Preserve’s existing streams and buffers, the maintenance costs associated with not stabilizing the worst erosion areas, and the economic value of re-storing environmental function within the impaired stream system. We also maximized the Chesapeake Bay nutrient credits generated by this project to help satisfy the City’s MS-4 requirements.

For more information on this project, or to discuss a similar project in your area, contact Tim Schueler at tschueler@hazenandsawyer.com