City of Hallandale Beach Membrane Softening Facility

Client: City of Hallandale Beach
Location: Hallandale Beach, FL

The City of Hallandale Beach simultaneously faced regulatory mandates limiting the amount of water it could withdraw from its established source and a need to increase its capacity to match its growing population. To fill this widening supply/demand gap, the City sought to tap the regional Broward County Brian Piccolo wellfield, which yielded source water of considerably lesser quality than the facility was designed to treat at the time. Following pilot test studies, the City retained Hazen and Sawyer to assist in the design, permitting, and construction management for a new 6-mgd membrane facility, to replace its existing lime softening system and provide improved treatment capacity.

Project Outcomes and Benefits

  • We performed extensive pre-design activities, resulting in 15 technical memoranda that identified the design parameters for the new membrane facility and addressed several key issues, critical to the project’s success.
  • Working closely with the City, we developed a plan for future expansion of the new 6-mgd membrane facility to a future capacity of 15 mgd, including a 6-mgd Reverse Osmosis system to treat brackish water from another supply source.
  • We provided operational assistance to the City during the first year of operations, ensuring successful plant performance and operator training.
  • Hazen and Sawyer also completed the design and permitting for a deep injection well for disposal of the concentrate from the new membrane facility.

The membrane building was designed to house the utilities staff offices and provide an emergency operations center (EOC).

A generator building houses a 1,500-KW auxiliary generator. This building can accommodate a second generator and electrical panels for future expansion.

The initial construction included 2mgd nanofiltration skids with dedicated feed pumps.

A full-height utilidor (below-grade in front of skids) was constructed for operator access to piping, valves, and appurtenances.

The membrane plant currently provides up to 6.0 million gallons of water per day and is blended with lime softened water in the existing filter clearwell.

Prior to designing the new membrane treatment facility, Hazen and Sawyer thoroughly investigated several key issues and performed several evaluations. These included:

  • Mass balance and hydraulic analyses
  • Assessment of alternative construction methods for the process building
  • Capacity evaluations for existing pumping facilities
  • Appropriate membrane pretreatment facilities
  • Membrane system design parameters
  • Post-treatment degasification and odor control
  • Concentrate disposal
  • Control and Information system improvements
  • Chemical handling systems
  • Product water blending and disinfection

Hazen and Sawyer also completed design and permitting for a new deep injection well for disposal of the concentrate from the new membrane facility.

Following completion of the design and bidding phases, we assisted the City in overseeing the construction administration of the new facilities, to ensure contractor compliance with the plans and specifications. Hazen and Sawyer also provided operational assistance during start-up and the first year of operations.

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