Emergency Recovery After Extreme Flooding: The Clarksville WWTP

Client: Clarksville Gas & Water
Location: Clarksville, TN

Extreme flooding in the Cumberland River (TN) basin inundated the Clarksville Wastewater Treatment Plant, damaging nearly every piece of equipment and building at the plant site. Faced with the enormous tasks of condition assessment, FEMA paperwork, and rebuilding from the disaster, Clarksville Gas & Water hired Hazen and Sawyer to design and manage construction of the restoration of treatment operations for the City. The City is currently taking the opportunity to rebuild a state-of-the-art facility with more efficient treatment operations and increased wet weather capacity.

The Clarksville WWTP on May 7, 2010, just four days following complete inundation. By this time, eight feet of floodwater had been removed. CGW completed pumping floodwater from the site just two days later.

An aerial photo of the flooded facility shortly after inundation.

Clean up began less than a week after the initial flooding.

Temporary structures were built and equipment rented to ensure operation while clean up continued.

Clean up included drying out wires throughout the WWTP.

CFD modeling was used to determine design features of the new and improved clarifiers, such as side water depth, center well dimensions, and maximum RAS pumping rates.

Project Outcomes and Benefits

  • Oversaw site dewatering, facilities cleaning, and equipment repair/replacement.
  • Procured and maintained rental equipment to provide temporary operation of the plant while permanent repairs progressed.
  • Coordinated with onsite FEMA representatives to assist with documentation of damage and costs for reimbursement.
  • Primary treatment was restored less than a week after floodwaters receded.
  • New and improved facilities will increase wet weather and secondary treatment capacity and improve treatment quality, control and reliability suitable to meet the community‚Äôs needs for the next 20 years.

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