Playing Ball in High Point - Water System Improvements for Downtown Baseball Stadium

Last Modified: Oct 03, 2018


  • Jeff Cruickshank, Terry Houk

This presentation describes hydraulic modeling that was used to plan water system improvements for a new baseball stadium and associated mixed use development in downtown High Point. The ballpark currently is under construction and the home team will throw the first pitch in 2019.

The ballpark is part of a fast track redevelopment of underutilized downtown properties. The planned project ultimately will include three- to five-story buildings providing retail, restaurant, residential and office space. Phase 1 includes a 5,000 seat stadium, parking decks, several large restaurants, a children’s museum, convention center, hotel and more than 400 residential housing units on a city-owned 11.5-acre site.

The existing water distribution system in this area consists of 4-inch to 16-inch diameter water mains, most of which are unlined cast iron pipes with lead joints installed in the early 1900s. These pipes have outlived their useful lives; are prone to leakage; and internal corrosion has greatly reduced their flow capacity.

The presentation describes how the city’s hydraulic model was used to determine the sizes for replacement pipes to provide adequate pressures and fire flows for build-out development. Initial modeling focused on providing 3,500 gpm to every fire hydrant in the area. Subsequent modeling evaluated the need for domestic booster pumps to serve proposed buildings. Additional modeling simulated specified flows to calculate available pressures for fire sprinkler systems.

This presentation will demonstrate the value of hydraulic modeling to help plan water system improvements for redevelopment projects that can revitalize aging downtown areas.

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