Has Your Membrane System had a Semi-Annual Tune Up Lately?

Last Modified: Jan 16, 2014


  • Tracey Long, Troy Walker - Hazen and Sawyer

Just like regular inspections and maintenance on your automobile improves performance and reduces the risk of costly emergency repairs, regular process audits and equipment condition assessments for a membrane system result in improved performance with maximize efficiency and water production while containing unscheduled maintenance costs. Efficient operation of any membrane system requires striking the optimum balance between operational risk and maintenance costs. Too little maintenance can result in water quality violations, poor reliability, increased plant disruptions and a reduction in useful life of plant assets. On the other hand, too much maintenance can result in high labor costs and unnecessary down time.

The first part of the presentation will discuss how to

1) Review of performance with historical trends.
2) Check of operating sequences to determine effectiveness.
3) Perform a close review of cleaning performance checking appropriate chemical dose/strength to identify operational changes which have the potential to improve various parameters such as flux, integrity, backwash and cleaning performance, to improve overall efficiency and production while containing maintenance costs.

The second portion of the presentation will focus on asset condition assessment to identify areas where maintenance should be focused to improve overall performance. This will include describing how to use a risk based assessment process to determine the risk to production of each asset based on the criticality of the asset (consequence of failure for that asset) and the condition of each asset (the likelihood of asset failure). By ranking the risk of each asset, repairs can be prioritized to optimize the use of capital expenditures.

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