DATS/IDP Instrumentation Modifications to Enhance System Performance Monitoring

Last Modified: Jan 28, 2019


  • Nathan Boyle - Hazen and Sawyer
  • Carl Spangenberg - Irvine Ranch Water District

The Irvine Ranch Water District (District) recently completed the implementation of a membrane operations and performance monitoring tool (MemOps) in 2016 that provides automated data cleanup and normalization for managing and monitoring performance indicators in near real time at four membrane facilities. During the development of the tool it was determined that two of the membrane facilities, the Deep Aquifer Treatment System (DATS) and the Irvine Desalter Potable Treatment Plant (IDP) had insufficient instrumentation required to achieve data normalization across each stage.

Stage normalization provides the benefit of normalized data specific to a membrane stage rather than the entire train. For example high first stage differential pressure could be indicative of particle or biological fouling, that otherwise might be identified as potential scaling if relying on the overall train normalization. This information can be leveraged to provide more efficient and targeted membrane cleanings and operational strategies.

As a result, both of these facilities were retrofitted with additional instrumentation to allow data normalization. The DATS, a three train, three stage system was recently upgraded to stage normalization by installation of electrical conductivity instrumentation on the permeate of both stages 1 and 2. The IDP, a two train, two stage system was recently upgraded to stage normalization by installation of a clamp-on-style ultrasonic flow transmitter and electrical conductivity meters to measure each of the stage 1 concentrate flows and conductivity, respectively.

This presentation will provide details of the modification design, construction methods, startup, and testing to add new instrumentation to an existing, operational facility to achieve stage normalization. Updates required on SCADA and the MemOps performance monitoring tool will be discussed along with overall benefits of stage normalization modifications to operations.

For more information, please contact the author at nboyle@hazenandsawyer.com.

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