DAF Meets Treatment Goals

Last Modified: Nov 26, 2012


  • Edward Khuns III and Glenn Allen - City of Peekskill, NY
  • Julie A. Herzner and Christakis Roumbas - Hazen and Sawyer

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The city of Peekskill, N.Y., faced major challenges. The city’s slow sand filtration facility, the Peekskill Water Treatment Plant, was built more than 100 years ago; the city’s distribution system had elevated disinfection by-product (DBP) levels; and capacity and hydraulic constraints limited expansion. Any plan to update the facility had to consider building height restrictions because of a nearby residential neighborhood, minimizing excavation because of underlying bedrock, and limited space, as the old plant needed to remain operational during construction.

The new plant began serving customers in May 2010. The cost-efficient treatment process effectively removes organics, producing finished water that consistently meets DBP limits, which the old plant had seasonally exceeded. The quality of water from the new plant significantly improves public health for Peekskill residents.

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