WRF 15-05: Curriculum and Content For Potable Reuse Operator Training Now Available

The materials, including modules for membrane filtration, reverse osmosis, ozone disinfection, biofiltration, granular activated carbon, ultraviolet disinfection, advanced oxidation, and corrosion control are available on the WRF website.

This project builds on the work conducted in project 13-03, which applied the hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) methodology to identify CCPs and assess the reliability of those CCPs to manage acute and chronic health risks in DPR applications.

As part of Project 13-13, the Hazen-led team developed operational systems, training materials, and processes to safeguard water quality in direct potable reuse applications.

(LOS ANGELES, CA – August 9, 2018) – The Water Reuse Foundation has released project Reuse 15-05: Curriculum and Content for Potable Reuse Operator Training.

Led by Hazen and Sawyer, this project has developed a series of eight PowerPoint training modules designed to educate operators on operations and maintenance for key process technologies utilized in potable reuse systems.

Funded by the Water Research Foundation and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, this project serves as a step in advancing potable reuse by providing operator training material that is not currently covered as thoroughly in conventional drinking water and wastewater operator training curricula. This includes modules for membrane filtration, reverse osmosis, ozone disinfection, biofiltration, granular activated carbon, ultraviolet disinfection and advanced oxidation as well as corrosion control.

This work follows important operationally focused research including Project #13-03 Critical Control Point Assessment to Quantify Robustness and Reliability of Multiple Treatment Barriers of a DPR Scheme and Project 13-13 Development of an Operation and Maintenance Plan and Training and Certification for Direct Potable Reuse (DPR) Systems both of which are focused on operational readiness for direct potable reuse.

As a result of this project, material is now available to support operational training and will be a valuable input to the Advanced Water Treatment Operator Certification Development in California along with initiatives in other states.

Led by Troy Walker of Hazen and Sawyer, and teamed with Carollo Engineers and Process Applications Inc, the research team also included other local and international experts along with reuse focused utilities. The full set of materials is available on the WRF website free to subscribers.

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