Webcast: Managing Intracellular Cyanotoxin Release During Oxidation Processes in Water Treatment

The manual produced as part of this project is a guide for the majority of water treatment facilities that, when faced with a toxic algae event, may not have operation flexibility to change sources or eliminate pre-filter oxidation, as advised in previous guidance materials.

(DENVER, CO – March 14, 2019) – The Water Research Foundation will present a free webinar titled “Managing Intracellular Cyanotoxin Release During Oxidation Processes in Drinking Water Treatment” on Thursday, March 21.

Utilities have been seeking guidance to effectively control cyanobacteria cells and eliminate cyanotoxins using holistic management and treatment strategies. Current guidance suggests that switching water sources or removing intact cells can minimize the risk of releasing intracellular (or cell-bound) cyanotoxins. The webcast presenters, including Erik Rosenfeldt of Hazen, will discuss options to use when this operational flexibility is unavailable, including the deliberate release and treatment of intracellular cyanotoxins using oxidation processes.

In addition, the incorporation of intracellular cyanotoxin release into the upcoming CyanoTOX Tool (Version 3) will be presented. The webcast will include information from the WRF Tailored Collaboration project, Release of Intracellular Cyanotoxins During Oxidation of Naturally Occurring and Lab Cultured Cyanobacteria (#4692), which highlights ways to improve available guidance to utilities regarding the release of intracellular cyanotoxins during oxidation of naturally occurring and lab-cultured cyanobacteria.

For more information or to register, please visit the WRF website.

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