Josh Weiss Named Director of Water Resources Innovations

Dr. Weiss performs research, studies, modeling, and analysis in water resources planning and management and he served as project lead for several recent major research initiatives.

(NEW YORK, NY – September 7, 2018) – Hazen and Sawyer has named Josh Weiss, PhD, PE, D.WRE, the firm’s Director of Water Resources Innovations.

Dr. Weiss performs research, studies, modeling, and analysis in water resources planning and management. He served as project lead for several recent major research initiatives, including as Principal Investigator on a NASA-funded applied research project that is using satellite-based observations of watershed conditions to predict changes in source water quality. This project will culminate in the development of a software application that will give water utility staff ready access to NASA’s satellite remote sensing data, filtered for watersheds of interest, and analytical tools that will greatly enhance current water quality monitoring capabilities and support watershed and source water management activities.

His experience includes operational applications of climatological and statistical hydrologic forecasts, climate change impact evaluations, and source water quality. He has extensive experience in using water supply system and water quality models to help utility operators and managers improve water supply planning and operations under current and future climate scenarios. Dr. Weiss was involved in all aspects of the development and implementation of NYCDEP’s Operations Support Tool, an innovative decision support system that guides DEP’s planning and operations strategies.

“Josh’s leadership in the applied research group has clearly paid off with deep client connections across the nation,” said Greg Gates, Hazen’s Corporate Water Resources Practice Leader. “These connections, along with his continued engagement, will help us remain a preeminent provider of water resources services to our clients.”

“Josh is an integral part of our applied research program, acting as the principal investigator on projects for NASA, NOAA, and WRF. This new position will allow him to continue his industry leadership in water resources,” added William Becker, Hazen’s Corporate Drinking Water Practice Leader.

Dr. Weiss has been with the firm for more than 12 years. He also serves the water resources industry as a member of the American Water Works Association Water Resources Planning and Management Committee, a member of the American Water Resources Association Hydrology and Watershed Management Committee, and he is an American Academy of Water Resources Engineers Diplomate.

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