Hazen Staff Co-Author Two Articles in the Latest Issue of NYWEA’s ClearWaters

The Spring 2018 issue of ClearWaters, featuring several Hazen authors and projects, is available on the NYWEA website.

The Gowanus Facilities Upgrade – Flushing Tunnel Modernization and Wastewater Pump Station Reconstruction project was selected as the CMAA Metro New York/New Jersey Honorable Mention Project of the Year (Category 4 – Projects Greater than $100 Million).

As part of the ESCR project, significant hydrologic/hydraulic modeling efforts were conducted to identify strategies to manage the stormwater within the protected area.

(NEW YORK, NY – May 22, 2018) – Hazen and Sawyer engineers recently co-authored two articles published in the Spring 2018 edition of NYWEA’s ClearWaters magazine.

“Navigating the Regulatory and Design Challenges of the Gowanus CSO Facilities”, co-authored by Norm Bradley, outlines the early challenges and considerations in the design and construction of CSO facilities that will improve water quality in the Gowanus Canal. CSO facilities are typically constructed in response to Clean Water Act requirements – and even under these circumstances, there are regulatory and design challenges that need to be addressed and overcome. The Gowanus facilities also have to be designed under the auspices of USEPA Superfund status, which has created additional challenges that need to be effectively managed, namely the requirements stipulated in the Record of Decision and Settlement Agreement and the specific requirements for remediation of the soil under and around the proposed CSO facility. DEP continues to advance this design, balancing technical needs for an operable facility and sensitivity to the community during construction, with the aggressive remediation schedule dictated by USEPA. In addition, DEP is exploring opportunities to make the Gowanus program synergistic with other needs in the draining area, including climate change, resiliency, growth, and quality of life.

The Gowanus article can be accessed in full on the ClearWaters website.

Hazen’s Sandeep Mehrotra, Charles Wilson, and Caitlin Fedio all served as co-authors to another article in the issue titled “Integrated Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling for Coastal Resiliency Planning”, which details the modeling being conducted as part of the East Side Coastal Resiliency Project, which proposes a series of berms, floodwalls, and deployables to protect a portion of Manhattan from storm surge, the first large-scale flood protection project undertaken to protect the City.

The modeling and simulations developed for the ESCR project translate well to similar coastal planning applications, allowing for the simultaneous analysis of above and below grade stormwater and sewer flows for optimized resiliency planning. For more information on this article, please contact Sandeep Mehrotra.

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