Hazen and Sawyer Awarded Direct Potable Reuse Research Study

(TEMPE, AZ – March 31, 2014) – Hazen and Sawyer was recently selected to lead one of the cornerstone projects for the WateReuse Research Foundation’s (WRRF) direct potable reuse (DPR) initiative.

Funded by the WateReuse Foundation and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, project WRRF-13-03, “Critical Control Point Assessment to Quantify Robustness and Reliability of Multiple Treatment Barriers of a DPR Scheme”, will serve as an instrumental step in advancing the acceptance of DPR by demonstrating the robustness and reliability of multiple barriers of treatment to ensure the highest standards of water quality and assure protection of public health. Led by Troy Walker and Ben Stanford of Hazen and Sawyer, the team also includes other local and international experts with direct and indirect potable reuse experience.

During the course of this project, the team will incorporate operational data and input from a multitude of existing reuse operations in the United States and around the world to identify the critical control points that manage health hazards and prove their reliability with operating data and supporting pilot studies. Additionally, the project will develop operational response processes necessary to ensure the safe and continuous operation of DPR systems.

Driven in part by the State of California’s quest to establish long term reliable alternative water supplies, the DPR initiative takes the next bold step in treatment and reuse by delivering highly treated water either directly to the head of existing water treatment processes or to the distribution network itself, a step beyond existing systems that inject to aquifers, large reservoirs, or other engineered storage buffers.

Since our founding in 1951, Hazen and Sawyer has focused on two things: providing safe drinking water and controlling water pollution. Our range of services encompasses the planning, design, and construction management of water and wastewater-related projects – from clean water treatment, storage, and distribution to wastewater and stormwater collection, treatment, and reuse.

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