Water and Sewer Upgrades for Fairmount Park

Hazen and Sawyer Leads Project to Address Aging Infrastructure

(Hampton Roads, VA – October 25, 2009) – Hazen and Sawyer has been selected by the City of Norfolk, Department of Utilities (DOU), to lead the Fairmount Park Neighborhood Water and Sewer Rehabilitation and Replacement project, a 13-phase project to address the City’s aging infrastructure. The Norfolk DOU serves 800,000 customers, operating 126 wastewater pump stations, while maintaining 867 miles of wastewater mains and more than 800 miles of water mains.

Neighborhoods included in the Fairmount Park project have long been in need of repair. Since the City’s 2001 consent decree with the Environmental Protection Agency, residents have benefitted from a series of project-related improvements. Under consent decree and funding source requirements, the DOU has initiated construction on a new project phase each fiscal year, and is currently beginning phase 8. The phased design and construction includes a new sanitary sewer collection system and replacement of the water distribution system.

The phased projects have also included improvements paid for by the Department of Public Works, such as curb, gutter, sidewalk, and storm drainage. Incorporating needed stormwater and other Public Works improvements into the project has allowed the City to minimize the number of construction disruptions to the neighborhoods, generated positive feedback from residents, and continued to enhance the neighborhoods’ appearance and the residents’ quality of life.

Hazen and Sawyer’s team includes Franklin Hudgins, project manager of several earlier phases of this project, as well as other employees and sub-consultants who have previous work experience with the City of Norfolk. The team’s individual and collective experience will enable them to start work immediately to meet the DOU’s aggressive goal of advertising Phase 8 for construction by June 2010.

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