Cat-Del UV Disinfection Facility Wins ACEC National Grand Award

The Cat-Del Ultraviolet Disinfection Facility safely treats and controls the flow of more than two billion gallons of water per day to nine million customers, by far the largest facility of its kind in the world.

The Cat-Del Facility achieves cost-effective protection of the public health by using UV rather than filtration (estimated to be a 75% savings in both capital and operating costs).

When design was started in 2002, installed UV capacity for water treatment throughout the world was a small fraction of the size of the Cat-Del facility.

Sixteen of the largest energy-dissipating flow control valves ever made control the flow of water through the Cat-Del UV Disinfection facility.

The Cat-Del UV Disinfection Facility integrates into the hydraulic grade line of the water supply system, maintaining gravity flows from upstream reservoirs and avoiding the need for pumping and its significant capital and operating costs.

(NEW YORK, NY – March 5, 2013) – Design and construction of the Catskill-Delaware Ultraviolet Disinfection (Cat-Del) Facility, the largest UV disinfection facility in the world, has been named an ACEC National Grand Award winner for 2013.

The facility treats and controls the flow of more than two billion gallons of water per day to nine million consumers in and around New York City and represents a tremendous leap forward in water treatment technology.

The Cat-Del Facility utilizes ultraviolet light disinfection to provide protection from Cryptosporidium and Giardia (organisms that can cause gastrointestinal illness). UV light, traditionally used for wastewater disinfection, had rarely been used in this country for water treatment and has never been applied at anywhere near the massive scale required to meet New York City’s demand. With successful application at such a large scale, the Cat-Del Facility lowers many perceived implementation hurdles with regards to the effectiveness of large-scale UV disinfection, and the feasibility of constructing such large facilities on schedule and within budget.

The Cat-Del Facility includes 56 UV vessels with a capacity 40-mgd each, the largest UV vessels built to date. Each unit is 19 ft long, 5.5 ft wide, and 7.5 ft tall, weighs more than 16,000 lbs, and houses 210 UV lamps. By using low-pressure, low output lamps, these massive vessels are also very energy efficient.

The design also includes the largest flow control energy dissipating valves of their type ever made. Prior to this project, the largest valve of this type was two meters in diameter (about 80 inches), and only one valve of that size had been manufactured and put in service. The Cat-Del Facility houses sixteen 84-inch valves that can pass high flows at low head loss and feature reliable throttling capability.

The use of UV light was proven to provide the necessary protection at a cost estimated to be one quarter that of a filtration plant of the same capacity. Additionally, this facility poses fewer impacts to the environment than a filtration plant, due to a shorter construction period, considerably smaller footprint, and significantly lower power requirements.

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