Water Resources

Water is a resource that produces environmental, economic, and social benefits throughout our lifetimes—effective management of water is the goal of our Water Resources Group.

Integrated water resources management is embodied by a process that identifies key decision drivers and impacts, and the resources and actions that are available to meet short and long-term challenges.

Hazen and Sawyer, as part of an international collaboration, is conducting cutting edge research to assist utilities in planning for the water quality and water supply management strategies needed to successfully adapt to changing weather patterns in order to minimize impacts and control costs.

The OASIS model we developed of the entire NYC water supply system is the basis for a cutting-edge Operations Support Tool (OST) that will enable water supply operators to more accurately predict water storage levels in the City’s reservoirs and better manage the movement of water throughout the reservoir system.

OST integrates near real-time data and hydrologic forecasts with powerful look-ahead simulation modeling in a single platform for planning and operations, providing managers with a robust probabilistic foundation for the assessment of risk-based decisions. OST can be readily adapted and applied to other water supply systems.

Hazen and Sawyer has provided a variety of demand and supply forecasting services to Tampa Bay Water, Florida’s largest water supply wholesaler, including risk-based applications that incorporate water efficiency as an alternative source of supply.

Hazen and Sawyer, in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts and Clarkson University, is using advanced spectro-fluorometry and laboratory fractionation techniques, coupled with continuous field monitoring (pictured) to develop better analytical tools for measuring and controlling NOM in watersheds, rivers, and reservoirs.

Hazen and Sawyer specializes in decision support for water management and planning, providing integrative and holistic solutions to complex problems. Our extensive experience includes water supply planning, water demand management, systems operations, economic impact assessment, drought planning, and climate change adaptation. We have been involved in solving some of the most complex and sophisticated planning and management problems in the water resources industry, and have tailored unique approaches for supporting decisions and policy at local, regional, and even national scales.


Hazen and Sawyer is at the forefront of designing solutions to these multi-faceted water supply planning problems, including robust approaches to understanding and mitigating planning uncertainties and associated risks. Our advanced analytical capabilities help resource managers and drinking water utilities maintain and enhance supply reliability using a proper mix of structural and non structural solutions, maximizing other beneficial uses of available storage volumes, while safely deferring costly new infrastructure development until lower-cost operational and programmatic options have been exhausted.


Hazen and Sawyer is an industry leader in forecasting and analyzing water demand at varying levels of temporal, spatial, and sectoral detail. We have extensive experience developing water demand forecasts of varying sophistication to match the needs of the specific utility.


Hazen and Sawyer’s decision support services utilize extensive, real-time data sources to identify robust solutions to complex problems. Our hallmark approach incorporates the planning uncertainties of future demands and variability of supply source alternatives, ensuring utilities will be presented with several planning scenarios.


Whether the goal is to maintain water quality to control treatment costs, restore sensitive habitat, or improve aesthetic and recreational amenities of a water body, Hazen and Sawyer can provide utilities with a comprehensive range of suitable management options.

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