Analysis of Changes in Water Use Under Regional Climate Change Scenarios

Client: WaterRF
Location: Denver, CO

Hazen and Sawyer was lead investigator in Water Research Foundation project 4263, which studied anticipated water demands and use patterns under a range of climate change scenarios. Ten utilities across the country participated in this research project, serving as case studies and data sources for analyzing potential climate impacts across a wide range of geographies and climate conditions. A foremost goal of this project is to increase the adaptive capacity of water utilities in planning for and responding to climate change pressures.

Year 2100 A2 emissions scenario of mean precipitation projections.

Project Outcomes and Benefits

  • Provides important guidance for evaluating the importance of climate in shaping demand patterns, estimating the impacts of weather on water use, and compiling climate projections.
  • Identifies a range of potential climate adaptation options from a demand-side perspective.
  • Translates the climate projections obtained from Global Circulation Models into a scale that reflects regional or local geographical weather conditions, and presents updated regional-level forecasts of climate change.
  • Develops and demonstrates evaluation tools that can be used by the water industry to assess probable water demand impacts and adaptation options.

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