Pond Reconstruction to Mitigate Flooding and Erosion

Client: The City of Rockville
Location: Rockville, MD

In conjunction with our design partners, Charles P. Johnson & Associates and Slater & Associates, Hazen and Sawyer prepared pond retrofit plans and oversaw construction in a local park in Rockville, Maryland. This restoration created much needed offline flood control and reduced downstream channel erosion rates.

Project Outcomes and Benefits

  • Provides flood control, water quality improvement and stream restoration to protect a 2,100 foot long downstream receiving water, the College Gardens Tributary.
  • Used a 60 mil liner, flow splitting, extended detention for the one-inch storm and channel protection control over twenty-four hours for the one-year event.
  • A natural channel design approach utilizing a stable reference reach was used for stream design.
  • Since completion, park usage has increased substantially and residential support is widespread.
  • Restoration efforts have reduced downstream bank erosion rates between 50 and 75% per field surveys.
  • Project won several awards including the 2010 Rockville Peerless Award for protection of the City’s environmental heritage and the 2012 APWA environmental Project of the Year Award.

Our award-winning solution has improved the aesthetics and usage of the park and decreased downstream erosion rates.

Signage was installed to educate the public and foster acceptance and understanding of the project.

The liner being installed in the pond during construction.

The pond in operation during a storm event.

For more information on this project, or to discuss a similar project in your area, contact Tim Schueler at tschueler@hazenandsawyer.com