F. Wayne Hill Water Resources Center Fats, Oils, and Grease Receiving Station

Client: Gwinnett County, GA
Location: Lawrenceville, GA

Hazen and Sawyer is the design engineer for Gwinnett County’s (GA) Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG)/High Strength Waste (HSW) Receiving Station Project at the 60-mgd F. Wayne Hill Water Resources Center (FWHWRC).

The FOG receiving and handling facility provides additional biogas to power the 2.1-MW combined heat and power system that, along with tipping fees for the waste, generated significant economic benefits to the facility.

Project Outcomes and Benefits

  • Installation of a FOG/HSW truck receiving station to allow injection of high strength wastes directly into the digesters to increase digester gas production.
  • Receiving station includes screening, storage, odor control, instrumentation and control for unattended operation, CCTV monitoring, and provisions for remote monitoring and control via the facility’s plant control system.
  • Project included a market survey and business case evaluations of various high strength waste streams.

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