Evaluation of the CLEARGREEN™ SBR Configuration for Sidestream Deammonification Treatment

Client: Henrico County
Location: Virginia

Hazen and Sawyer, in collaboration with Infilco Degremont, piloted the CLEARGREEN™ sidestream deammonification process at the Henrico County Water Reclamation Facility in Virginia. Deammonification represents an innovative low energy nutrient removal option that can theoretically yield 62.5% oxygen savings and 100% electron donor savings relative to conventional treatment.

Project Outcomes and Benefits

  • Study demonstrated that it is possible to enrich anaerobic ammonia oxidizing bacteria from local waste activated sludge (WAS) within 6-9 months.
  • Also demonstrated that free ammonia levels and DO control can be used for stable long term control of sidestream deammonification systems.
  • Pilot achieved 90% removal of the total inorganic nitrogen from the sidestream load.

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