Using Bench Scale Tests to Determine the Feasibility of AOP for Taste and Odor


  • Erik Rosenfeldt, Aaron Duke - Hazen and Sawyer

Advanced Oxidation (AOP) is a powerful barrier which can be effectively implemented in drinking water applications for destruction of emerging contaminants of concern. AOP has been shown capable of destroying pesticides, algal toxins and algal related taste and odor compounds (T&O), endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs), pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs), perfluorinated compounds (PFCs), among others.

MIB and geosmin are the most common algal-derived taste and odor contaminants, and have become particularly troublesome in recent years in Virginia. These two compounds are very difficult to treat with traditional and advanced techniques. They are unreactive with chlorine, potassium permanganate, and even elemental ozone, so one of the only effective oxidation technique is by pure advanced oxidation utilizing the hydroxyl radical. While AOPs are traditionally thought of as expensive and energy intensive, seasonal AOP can be a cost-competitive advanced treatment barrier for applications that may require only seasonal treatment (e.g., taste and odor). Recent work has shown the costs and carbon footprint associated with UV AOP can be on the order or even less than traditional taste and odor treatment techniques, such as seasonal high-concentration PAC addition.

This presentation will discuss how bench scale tests and modeling were performed to determine the feasibility of using AOP for treatment of MIB and geosmin for several utilities in Virginia considering AOP for seasonal taste and odor. Using a new technique developed to measure the background radical scavenging, along with UV and ozone AOP modeling, the feasibility of AOP, and a comparison of several AOP options (UV/peroxide AOP and ozone/peroxide AOP) were assessed, evaluating the impact of water quality on performance and cost of these options.

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