Tunneling for Water Infrastructure - Thoughtful Concepts for Trenchless Pipeline Design


  • Joshua P. Farmer PE- Hazen and Sawyer

The purpose of this presentation is twofold:

1) To convey to attendees a basic understanding of common tunneling methods utilized for the installation of water infrastructure. The methods covered in the overview will be small diameter TBM Tunneling, Slurry Microtunneling, Pipe Jacking with Shield, Jack and Bore, Pipe Ramming, and Pilot Tube Microtunneling/Guided Boring Machines. The attendee will gain a sense of capabilities, risks, costs, and contractibility constraints for these trenchless methods and relative to each other.

2) To discuss thoughtful concepts and scalable approaches to the planning for, design and construction of tunneling installation for water conveyance systems. In part 2 of this presentation, we will discuss the importance of geotechnical investigation and how to determine a suitable scope, tailoring risk management tasks to the size of the project and the Owner’s risk tolerance, latest concepts in tunneling methods and construction contracts, and construction oversight for the trenchless project.

Concepts and guidance presented will be based on real world trenchless design experience and the latest manuals of practice.

For more information, please contact the author at jfarmer@hazenandsawyer.com.

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