Targeting Water Quality for Industrial Use – Ammonia Removal from Tertiary Effluent using MBR


  • Troy Walker and Bryce Danker - Hazen and Sawyer

West Basin Municipal Water District are expanding Juanita Millender-McDonald Carson Regional Water Recycling Facility (CRWRF) in Carson, California to increase the amount of nitrified effluent and reverse osmosis product water delivered to the nearby Tesoro Oil Refinery. The project, currently at 90% design, is the result of successful planning and evaluation to implement an innovative recycled water solution. The expansion project includes the detailed design of a 2.0 mgd tertiary membrane bioreactor (TMBR) and 5.88 mgd universal MF system. Once completed, this project will provide an advanced and reliable facility capable of producing improved water quality for the refinery while off-setting potable water sources.

West Basin completed a pilot test of the TMBR process to validate this new technology and determine its effectiveness. It was determined that the TMBR could cost effectively nitrify to low levels of less than 0.1 mg/L-N of ammonia. The current design focuses on enabling West Basin to implement a treatment process that is flexible for today’s demands and tomorrow’s challenges.

With a long history and extensive knowledge of membrane technologies, West Basin was interested in a flexible design for the TMBR system. This “open” system approach allows the District the ability to install multiple MBR membrane systems available today over the life of the facility, enables West Basin to field test and implement future membrane technologies, and manages operational costs.

This presentation will share the current project status, discuss water quality challenges and how the TMBR technology addresses current challenges of increasing nutrient concentrations caused by water conservation.

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