Nutrient Recovery: Unveiling A New Hands-On Decision Making Tool


  • Ron Latimer - Hazen and Sawyer

Wastewaters are increasingly being viewed as a renewable resource whereby value added products (e.g. water, nutrients, bioplastics, metals, energy) can be recovered and reused. This paradigm shift from removal to recovery has the potential to reduce energy consumption, improve treatment efficiency and could provide utilities with alternative revenue streams with which to offset operational and capital costs. Life essential macro nutrients, like nitrogen (N) and phosphorous (P) have been targeted for recovery due to their ubiquitous presence in wastewaters and regulatory requirements that dictate remediation. Although there appears to be a general consensus within the global water industry that resource recovery can benefit the industry, there remain technical, social and economic challenges towards an industry-wise adoption of this approach.

Although there are multiple options that can be considered for recovery, a systematic evaluation of these options’ treatment efficiency, costs, energy balance and recovered product yield is currently absent. Thus, when faced with the option of recovering resources, utilities must generate this data from scratch. This workshop will help address this limitation by providing peer reviewed resources (reports/databases/tools) that can aid the technical selection process. This workshop will also outline the true market value of recovered products as well as the capital and operation and maintenance (O&M) associated with technology implementation. This data is expected to allow utilities to accurately determine payback periods as a function of multiple drivers as well as inform utilities of mechanism by which they can bring the recovered product to market.

At this workshop, information specific to the application of nutrient recovery as a viable technology for managing nutrients will be provided by expert speakers from the global water community. A major objective of the workshop will be to introduce the excel-based tool for decision making, which is being developed as part of a WERF study. The demonstration will include an introduction to the online tutorial that will be hosted on the WERF website by Ms. Stacy Passaro. To ensure maximum participation, we will then host a hands-on session whereby participants will beta-test the tool using multiple case study data generated from collaborating utilities. We will also invite attendees to use information specific to their facility (specific data needs will be communicated to the list of participants via email beforehand) so that they can get the best use of the time.

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