Nutrient Recovery as a Sustainable Nutrient Management Tool


  • Wendell O. Khunjar, Ron Latimer - Hazen and Sawyer
  • Samuel Jeyanayagam - CH2M Hill

Wastewater is a renewable resource whereby value added products (e.g. water, nutrients, bioplastics, metals, energy, etc.) can be recovered and reused. This paradigm shift has the potential to reduce energy consumption, improve treatment efficiency, and provide utilities with alternative revenue streams. Although there appears to be a general consensus that resource recovery from wastewater operation can benefit the water industry, technical, social and economic challenges remain for an industry-wide adoption of nutrient recovery.

This presentation will review the findings of the on-going WERF Nutrient Recovery Challenge study aimed at closing the knowledge gap and providing direction for informed decision making with respect to implementing nutrient recovery. The project partners include several utilities, universities, research organizations, and a panel of renowned international experts. Topics that will be covered include (but are not limited to):

• Current state of global knowledge including a review of proven and emerging technologies,
• Drivers and barriers for implementing nutrient recovery,
• Economic assessment of recovered nutrient products and insights into markets for these products,
• Global perspectives. What can we learn from other countries?
• Selected case studies outlining implementation challenges and operating experience.
• Outline of the subsequent phases of the WERF study including pilot testing of selected emerging technologies.

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