How to Plan, Design, and Construct a 30 MGD Water Booster Station in only 14 Months


  • Aaron Duke, Hazen and Sawyer
  • Thomas Lipinksi , William Haase – Loudoun Water

A Northern Virginia utility, Utility A, operates a multi-zoned water distribution system that is supplied drinking water via wholesale agreement from another utility. With increasing demands on the systems, the hydraulic gradient supplied to part of Utility A’s system is projected to be lower than required to satisfy customer needs, possibly as soon as summer 2013. After a review of available options, Utility A determined that an in-line booster pumping station would be needed to serve this part of Utility A’s system. However, a pumping station would take many (5+) years considering the time needed for planning, design and construction. Therefore, Utility A concluded an interim solution would be needed until the permanent station could be constructed.

Utility A implemented a fast-track, mission-critical project to study, design, permit and construct an “interim” 30 MGD water booster pumping station in fourteen months. This included hydraulic modeling to determine size and impacts on the distribution system; siting and easement negotiations with property owners, County land use and site approvals, and design, bidding, and construction of the station. Because of the compressed timetable, the project was separated into several simultaneous contracts including pre-purchase of major equipment prior to bidding the main project, including 700-hp pumps. This resulted in Utility A taking increased risk to implement this project on schedule.

The project resulted in many lessons learned as the utility blazed a fast trail to deliver this critical facility. The project was designed, permitted and bid on-schedule, and construction will be completed prior to conference.

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