Guidance for Small and Medium System Stage 2 D/DBP Rule Compliance: WaterRF Project 4427


  • Erik Rosenfeldt and Bill Becker - Hazen and Sawyer
  • Djanette Khiari - Water Research Foundation

By the time of ACE 2013, small and medium sized systems (those providing water from 1 – 50,000 customers), will be nearing Stage 2 Disinfectant / Disinfection Byproduct Rule compliance dates. Those systems experiencing concerns about complying with this rule will have limited time to assess and implement any potential changes to their systems which may be necessary for compliance.

To address this rapid timeline, the Water Research Foundation contracted Hazen and Sawyer to provide a Guidance Manual and associated webtool for assisting utilities with determining their compliance situation and providing guidance about implementing new treatment strategies for reducing DBPs. The guidance manual and webtool developed by Hazen and Sawyer is designed to guide utilities through the process of data analysis using IDSE and historical Stage 1 DBP data to assess their potential Stage 2 compliance situation, and then uses utility-provided information to assess potential site-specific efficacy and costs associated with DBP reduction strategies. Strategies evaluated for DBP reduction address three areas key to providing high quality drinking water: Source, Treatment, and Distribution.

This interactive presentation will provide an opportunity for Schedule 3 and 4 systems struggling with compliance with the Stage 2 Disinfectant / Disinfection Byproduct Rule to learn about the guidance manual and web-based tool developed within WaterRF Project 4427. A small amount of introductory material regarding Stage 2 DBPR Compliance will be provided, but the bulk of the presentation will be dedicated to working through examples and providing the concerned audience members with a tour of the compliance guidance materials. The figure provided below shows a working diagram of the interactive output of the web-tool, designed to provide a framework for exploring impact and costs associated with Stage 2 DBPR Compliance strategies.

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