Can Equalization Storage Help You Better Manage I/I - Metro Nashville’s 21mg West Park Facility


  • Stephen H. King PE, BCEE - Hazen and Sawyer

Learn more about the Enivision award-winning West Park Equalization Facility.

This presentation reviews the application of innovative concepts to wastewater collection systems to mitigate sanitary sewer overflows and improve overall wastewater collection and treatment system hydraulics. The presentation will explain challenges with utilizing multiple storage facilities and why these challenges are magnified when meeting Consent Decree deadlines and constructing within a city park. Topics covered will explore the challenges and advantages of the proposed project improvements including the following: SSOs reduced in volume and frequency; increase storage volume for 10 MG to 31 MG onsite; improved operation at the existing pump stations; design for gravity drainage; integrated sustainable design practices; consideration of anticipated floodway/floodplain mapping changes; working with multiple intra-governmental departments to achieve mutually beneficial solutions. Recommended project improvements will not only help Metro Water Services improve collection system performance, but also enhance the city park where the EQ facility will be constructed. The presentation will also demonstrate the advantages of preliminary 3D modeling through a “walk through” of the proposed project site.

Reasons why equalization storage can be a good option to capacity improvements will also be explained, as well as storage tank operational issues, and design standards needed for a successful project.

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